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Reoccurring Payment

 Clay Math and BBC thoroughly ignoring the GOD ALMIGHTY'S GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM, GAGUT Gij,j=0,  G2j Solution to the Riemann Hypothesis revealed by GOD, to Prof. G. Oyibo during 1990, constitutes  plagiarism that needs to be corrected urgently.

GOD ALMIGHTYS GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM GAGUT Gij,j=0 is a REVELATION FROM GOD to Professor G. Oyibo (during 1990) that infallibly proved that all theorems including all solutions to all mathematics problems which includes the solution to the Riemann Hypothesis and all equations past, present and future, originate out of one invariant Gi, which infallibly defines GOD with orthogonal components Gij and change of Gij,j=0 with the proof of the theorem being the fundamental solutions of the Gij,j=0, which is Eta sub n = (g sub nj) * (x sub j)^(n+1). Riemann Hypothesis theorem solution invariant is proven to be G sub 2j = - Eta sub 0 *Ln (2) + Ln(U(Eta sub 0 exp i(2j+1)Pi))=0 which is a fundamental complex formula for logarithmically mapping circles in the U space unto vertical straight lines in Eta sub 0 space, where U is the transformed Zeta Function and S is equal to Eta sub 0 when g sub 00 = 1 and g sub 01 = i . G sub 2j therefore proved the geometry of the Riemann Hypothesis, however due to lack of convergence for Zeta Function when x is equal to 1/2, G sub 2j proved the Riemann Hypothesis to be right for finite fields and wrong for infinite fields, and further proved the correct x is roughly 1.252. Goettingen University showed an understanding of the infallibility of GAGUT as containing all theorems and solutions to every mathematics problems including the solution to the  Riemann Hypothesis and all other mathematics problems by ranking the GAGUT as the #1 greatest mathematics work (week 26) out of 52 greatest mathematics works they selected for honoring Professor C. F. Gauss, in 2005, a selection that ranked Nigeria/USA #1, Russia #2, Germany #3, UK and other countries #7, in an entry at week #19 entitled “Field Medalists Lectures”containing contributions from Field Medalists (Nobel Winners equivalents) including Sir Professor Michael Atiyah (Cambridge U).

The last 27 years together with the last 13 months after the 12/28/2015 GAGUT Quarter of a Century Anniversary Lifesaving and Riemann Hypothesis Briefing, during which THE GOD'S REVELATION OF “GOD Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT) Gij,j=0, has revealed proven solution to Riemann Hypothesis, a Clay Mathematics Millennium Problem” by Professor G. A. Oyibo, was presented successfully to the Global audience, where there were no challenges or disagreements from anyone globally thus far, have confirmed the infallibility of the GOD ALMIGHTY’S GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM (GAGUT) Gij,j=0 as the infallible solutions to all mathematics problems past, present and the future, which includes the G2j solution to the Riemann Hypothesis.

    Professor Iya Abubakar, Ph. D in Mathematics from Cambridge University, symbolically representing Cambridge University, verified that GAGUT as the solutions to every mathematics problems, including the Riemann Hypothesis, constitutes “very big breakthrough” and that GAGUT is “perfectly correct” and co-authored the GAGUT Nigerian Senate Motion No. 151 that became the Nigerian/African verification of GAGUT as being the solutions to all Mathematics problems through their statement which says that GAGUT is “recognized by the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and the European Mathematical Society (EMS) ...the GAGUT equation is capable of solving all mathematical problems” in the GAGUT Nigerian Senate Motion No. 151 which together with the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and the European Mathematical Society (EMS) reviews, the Goettingen Reviews, the GAGUT Nigerian Stamp and comments from Sir Professor Michael Atiyah and other mathematicians about GAGUT all enclosed here below,  
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    BBC’s inability to recognize Goettingen’s ranking of GAGUT as the Greatest Mathematics Work among Mathematics Works that include those of Math Legends including Prof. David Hilbert, Sir Prof. Michael Atiyah, and other Field Medalists, as compelling reason for GAGUT news coverage, not only is a shock to us, but an embarrassment for BBC and clearly an evil bias by BBC, that requires urgent correction, especially because it is clear that BBC had news coverage for all Field Medalists listed on week #19, ranked 7th where GAGUT on week #26 was ranked 1st  by Goettingen U. in honor of Prof. Gauss, the greatest mathematician since antiquity for a long time.   

    Furthermore People’s Daily of China , the 5th largest newspaper globally, published an article reporting that GAGUT has been awarded the African International Prize considered the highest academic award in history (AIFST letter below, and People Daily link) and yet BBC was not aware/refused to acknowledge GAGUT, which clearly is wrong and needs to be corrected. 
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    Lastly the GAGUT Nigerian Senate Motion no. 151 and the Nigerian Government issuance of the Nigerian GAGUT Stamp, clearly recognized BBC’s evil bias against GAGUT, which clearly needs to be corrected.

GOD bless you.
John Glover 


   Hello this is John Glover an assistant of Professor Henry Gross, thanking you for your letter and apologies  and hoping that you have shared the Goettingen Gauss Year 2005 celebration ranking of Mathematicians with your colleagues and if they understand what it means, they would be convinced they should have already covered GAGUT and the GAGUT G2j Solution to the Riemann Hypothesis over 20 years ago.

GOD ALMIGHTY’S GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM nicknamed GAGUT (Gij,j=0) is a revelation from GOD to Professor G. Oyibo during 1990,  which infallibly proved that all theorems (also called everything that exists) and all equations, representing these theorems, past present and future, originate out of one invariant Gi which infallibly defines GOD with orthogonal components Gij, and a divergence (also called change) of Gij,j=0. The proof of Gij,j=0 was presented at a symposium  honoring Professor George Handleman, former head of Mathematics Department at Brown University, during the March of 1995, and published in the proceedings of that symposium entitled "Applied Mathematics: Methods and Applications", as well as in the Nova Journal of Mathematics, Game Theory and Algebra in an paper entitled "Generalized mathematical proof of Einstein's theory using a new group theory", where Professor G. Oyibo proved that conservation (invariance) of mass is conformal invariant of conservation (invariance) of energy leading to the conclusion that mass is proportional to energy with a constant of proportionality being c^2 where c is the speed of light. Professor G. Oyibo went further to prove also that conversation (invariance) of momentum is conformal invariant of conservation (invariance) of mass and by extension conservation (invariance)  of energy.  Professor G. Oyibo in the process was able to prove that all equations and all theorems can be represented by one invariant Gij, and hence the divergence (change) of the Gij which is Gij,j must be 0 or Gij,j=0. This is how GOD blessed Professor G. Oyibo with the revelation that all theorems (and all equations representing them) can be represented by the Grand Unified, Universal Invariant Equation Gij,j=0 the only theorem and the only equation for all of mathematics defined GAGUTICALLY as the study of theorems. GOD also revealed to Professor G. Oyibo the general fundamental solutions of the Grand Unified Universal Theorem Equation called GOD ALMIGHTY'S GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM GAGUT (Gij,j=0) Equation which is given by Eta Sub n which can be seen in the following attachments, which are used to generate proofs to all theorems and solutions to all mathematics problems.

European Mathematical Society (EMS) has reviewed the paper entitled "Generalized mathematical proof of Einstein's theory using a new group theory" by Professor G. Oyibo and published in "Applied Mathematics: Methods and Applications" (see amazon link) ,  by selecting a Mathematics legend, Professor Grigoris Tsagas, Former President of the Balkan Society of Geometers, as the reviewer.  Professor Grigoris Tsagas' review, which is enclosed as an attachment, verified GAGUT and because of his very high reputation in Mathematics, particularly in Differential Geometry, has generated a lot of respect for GAGUT amongst Mathematicians, including Sir Professor Michael Atiyah, a Cambridge University Ph.D in Mathematics and former Master of Trinity College (Cambridge), who requested to get a copy of Professor Grigoris Tsagas' review of GAGUT, when he was briefed on GAGUT by Professor John Glover, during their meeting on November 3, 2010 at Stony Brook University New York USA, as well as Professor Iya Abubakar, another Cambridge University Ph.D in Mathematics who we consider to speak for Cambridge University, categorically declared GAGUT as "a very big breakthrough" and "perfectly correct" as the one Grand Unified Theorem that proves all theorems and solves all mathematics problems including Riemann Hypothesis. Professor Iya Abubakar, also as a Nigerian Senator, was the principal author ( along with two of his colleagues in the Nigerian Senate) of a GAGUT Nigerian Senate Motion (GSM) no. 151 enclosed in the attachment and recognized GAGUT as the One Grand Unified Theorem that proves all theorems and solves all mathematics problems including Riemann Hypothesis. That GAGUT Nigerian Senate Motion (GSM) no. 151 that was passed unanimously by the Nigerian Senate, recommended Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo, the human being through whom GOD revealed GAGUT, for the highest academic prize in history, specified to supercede the Nobel Prize in Physics, during 2005. The Nigerian Government also issued a Postage Stamp in honor of GAGUT with Professor G. Oyibo's picture on the stamp and recognized as Mathematical Genius (as an attachment).

American Mathematical Society (AMS) also selected another Mathematics legend, Professor Jaume Carot, an expert in Differential Geometry, to review GAGUT in the same paper entitled "Generalized mathematical proof of Einstein's theory using a new group theory" by Professor G. Oyibo and published in the Nova Journal of Mathematics, Game Theory and Algebra is enclosed in the attachments. Professor Jaume Carot verified GAGUT verbatim, as can be seen in his review enclosed as an attachment. The Nigerian Government, using the Nigeria's National University Commission (NNUC) also organized a 30 day global review of GAGUT, in a global series of lectures, from November 20 to December 20, 2004, during which the whole world was invited to Nigeria to challenge GAGUT and as an observer described the outcome of that global review of GAGUT, mathematicians and non mathematicians challenged GAGUT ferociously for the 30 days, and when the dust settled, only GAGUT was left standing, according to that observer. See one of the videos on the following youtube link here.

That overwhelming verification of the infallibility of GAGUT globally together with individual and other human groups verification of GAGUT led to revolutionary reactions and responses globally. For example on January 27, 2000, Professor G. Oyibo and staff were  invited by the Senate of the US, to brief the Science and Commerce Committee on GAGUT, headed by Senator John McCain see a letter attachment enclosed. GAGUT was recommended for Nobel Prize and Presidential Medal of Science Awards by some of the most distinguished mathematicians and physicists in the world.  See attached of the recommendation letters, that include a recommendation of the Presidential Medal of Science Award by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology through one of its most prestigious professors, in the person of Professor John Dugundji, of the department of  Aeronautics and Astronautics.

There were also recommendation letters for both Nobel Prize and Presidential Medal of Science Awards from Professor Edith Luchins, who had a reputation for having reviewed Professor Albert Einstein's research papers for reputable research journals. Professor Luchins in her recommendation letters recalled that Professor G. Oyibo took a course of Complex Variables, which she taught, and earned the grade of A, as well as demonstrating extraordinary skills in complex variables and other branches of mathematics that hinted the Faculty members that Professor G. Oyibo was going to have an illustrious career in mathematics including Complex Variables, which is the basic branch of mathematics from which Riemann Hypothesis originates.

Professor Luchins  also was a student of Professor Richard Courant, one of the illustrious Ph.D students of Professor David Hilbert, a successor of Professor Carl Frederic Gauss (recognized as the Greatest Mathematician since Antiquity before GAGUT) as head of the Mathematics Department of the King August George II University of Goettingen, where Hilbert supervised 69 Ph.D's in mathematics and earned a title of "the last of the Great Mathematicians". Professor David Hilbert also had a reputation of being the first Mathematician to list/recommend the Riemann Hypothesis as the most important unsolved mathematics problem in 1900, which is 100 years before Clay Math Institute was created, and because Professor Hilbert's listing/recommendation of the Riemann Hypothesis never expired until 1990, when GOD revealed the GAGUT G2j Solution to the Riemann Hypothesis through GAGUT infallibly as can be seen in the video beginning around the 2:00:00 (2 hours) mark (see attached youtube link and others here,  that proves that Clay Math Institute, that was created in 2000, had no business listing the Riemann Hypothesis as an unsolved problem, since Riemann Hypothesis had been solved infallibly 10 years earlier through GAGUT.

So Clay Math Institute has fraudulently ignored the GAGUT G2j Solution to the Riemann Hypothesis, as well as the other 6 Gij Solutions to the so called toughest Clay Math Problems, which were all solved infallibly by GAGUT and verified by Professor G. Tsagas and Professor Jaume Carot as well as the American Mathematical Society (AMS), European Mathematical Society (EMS) and other distinguished Mathematicians. During the 2005 Gauss Year Commemoration, Goettingen University selected 52 greatest works in mathematics and recommended that Mathematicians and other professionals need to study each of those works for a specific week of that year, in which they recognized GAGUT as the Greatest of the Greatest Mathematics works by recommending that GAGUT be studied  during the 26th week, which is the center of the celebration, which is consistent with Goettingen recognizing of GAGUT as the Grand Unified Theorem, that proves all theorems and solves all mathematics problems, including the Riemann Hypothesis.

The Runners up for week 26 includes  works of successors to the 3 greatest Mathematics of all time before GAGUT, who were Gauss, Newton and Euler. Sir Professor Michael Atiyah who was a successor to Sir Professor Isaac Newton as the Master of Trinity College (Cambridge University)  and was also a Field Medalist  (Nobel Prize equivalent in Mathematics) had his work and 43 other Field medalists works ranked number 7 and recommended to be studied in week 19 of the year 2005. Professor Anatoli T Fomenko was a successor to Professor  Leonard Euler as Head of Mathematics Department at Leningrad Moscow State University system, where Leonard Euler was once the Head of Mathematics Department. His work was ranked number 4 and recommended to be studied in week 23 of the year. Professor David Hilbert was a successor to Professor Carl Frederic Gauss as Head of Mathematics Department of Goettingen University. His work was ranked number 3 and recommended to be studied in week 24 of the year.

The Goettingen Document is a very powerful verification of the infallibility of GAGUT as the one Grand Unified Theorem that proves all theorems and solves all mathematics problems including Riemann Hypothesis, but also a compelling document for BBC and other media to cover rather than ignore GAGUT, even though BBC like any other media organization has every right of ignoring the GAGUT revelation, but it won't be because GAGUT is a second class news item compared with any other news item, particularly because world class news organizations like People's Daily Newspaper, the 5th largest newspaper in the world, has published an article on GAGUT, verifying that GAGUT has been awarded the Greatest Academic Prize in history, for proving all theorems and solving all mathematics problems including Riemann Hypothesis in 2006 by the African International Foundation. People's Daily also broadcasted the same article on their TV and radio stations and have a bigger audience than that of the BBC, and in the process proved that Clay Math is a fraud and is engaged in plagiarizing the GAGUT revelation, particularly the GAGUT G2j Solution to the Riemann Hypothesis. Please see the People's Daily article link attachment

It also should be noted that at least one Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist, (Professor Karen Hunter) has done an article on GAGUT. Pulitzer Prize, as you know, is the highest award a journalist can win. See Pulitzer Prize Winner Professor Karen Hunter, article in the attachments.


It is also very hard to understand the logic of the BBC's decision to ignore the recognition of GAGUT as the Greatest Mathematics work since antiquity by King August George II of England University of Goettingen, making GAGUT number 1 work, recommended to be studied at week 26, the center of the Gauss year 2005 commemoration which puts the BBC's decision  as a contradiction and the disrespecting of the spirit of the British Royalty embedded in the Goettingen University selection.

One can also see the BBC ignoring of the King August George II of England University of Goettingen recognition of  GAGUT as the Grand Unified Theorem that has proven all theorems and solves all mathematics problems, including the Riemann Hypothesis, in honor of Professor Carl Frederic Gauss, recognized as the Greatest Mathematician since antiquity (, is a disrespecting of Professor Carl Frederic Gauss and King August George II of England University of Goettingen, the university that has been recognized as the headquarters of Mathematics globally before GAGUT, which is hard for us to believe that any mathematics advisors of BBC Editorial Board would actually advise BBC to make such a decision, since such advice, would not only be considered wrong but also irresponsible by any qualified mathematician. Therefore the BBC Editorial Boards tenets of independence can lead to disasters and fraud, if those tenets are based on dishonest, incompetent or a fraudulent experts advice that disregards an infallible truth like GAGUT. We can give you a couple of evidences of GAGUT infallibility:

1)The only reason 2+1=3 is because it satisfies the GAGUT Equation, Gij,j=0, where the Gij is 2+1-3=0, which says the Gij is an invariant because 0 is an invariant. Therefore the change in that invariant defined as Gij,j must be 0, since the Gij is 0.Therefore you or anybody else whether you are mathematicians or non mathematicians can see that 2+3=5 and similarly would have a GIj =2+3-5=0 and a Gij,j=0  and any other correct addition operation can only be possible because each of those operations will have a GAGUT invariant Gij=0 and hence satisfies the GAGUT Equation Gij,j=0. On the basis of examples that have shown above, one can easily see how the only way GAGUT can be wrong is if 2+1 is not equal to 3 and that all additions that we know to be correct are all wrong, which is obviously impossible and hence any expert advice that discredits GAGUT is either a fraud or a huge incompetence.

We are also wondering if the BBC is aware that one of the first applications of GAGUT was the solving
of the Supermaneuverability problem of  the warplanes for the Pentagon or the US Department of Defense, designed for the protection of NATO Nations which includes England. See the following attachment for the cover page of the Pentagon report entitled "Final Technical Report Optimum Aeroelastic Characteristics For Composite Supermanueverable Aircraft" with Professor G. Oyibo as the Principal Investigator. The Research was funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) and the Grant Number is 89-0055. One of the Pentagon's departments that are beneficiaries of the research work is the Air Defense (AD), which includes the missile defense systems. You can see their stamp of approval on the top left corner of the cover page.

That research work was recognized by the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), a highly respected part of the Pentagon as one of the highest research contributions to the defense of the US and NATO Countries. You can see the DTIC selection/ recognition stamp  in the bottom of the enclosed title page for the report in the attachment. That shows that GAGUT has contributed to the Protection of the BBC and proves that any BBC Editorial Board tenets of independence that ignores GAGUT can safely be considered as wrong or even suicidal, and we have noticed how the BBC decision to ignore GAGUT has contributed to the rise of President Putin of Russia together with the threats NATO has received from Russia during the recent years.

Furthermore in 2007, Mathematical Physicist Professor Krishendu Dasgupta from Jamia Millia Islamia University, a top 20 university in India, concluded that Professor G. Oyibo "is closer to GOD than any of us" by being blessed by GOD with the revelation of GAGUT. See Professor Dasgupta's letter attachment.

So it can be clearly seen that Clay Math's ignoring of the G2j Solution to the Riemann Hypothesis together with the other 6 GAGUT Gij solutions to the other so called 6 toughest math problems listed by Clay Math, is a necessity for Clay Math to fraudulently justify their existence, which constitutes a crime against humanity, which the BBC should be investigating publicly, with the purpose of stopping that crime against humanity. Such an endevour by the BBC, which would require the BBC to publicly investigate GAGUT by arranging televised debates and challenges of GAGUT by as many Mathematicians as possible, similar to what was done by the Nigerian Government in 2004 during the Global Review of GAGUT, which would be considered a valuable service to humanity, or a simple interview of Professor G. Oyibo by the BBC that hardly cost BBC any money at all, could help humanity.  In addition such an endevour will provide the BBC with an opportunity of repairing the huge damage of its relationship with the Black People globally as a result of BBC ignoring the GAGUT revelation by GOD to Professor G. Oyibo, for over 25 years. Our suggestions of action items to the BBC are only what we believe BBC needs to do in the minimum to convince humanity that BBC is not Anti-GAGUT and hence Anti-GOD, since GAGUT is the GOD order which was proved to be infallible by GAGUT. We are therefore led to the understanding that any BBC's excuse for not doing a broadcast on GAGUT G2j, the only solution to the Riemann Hypothesis constitutes BBC's collaboration with the Clay Math Institute to plagiarize GAGUT and the GAGUT G2j solution to the Riemann Hypothesis, which we consider to be a very serious mistake of the BBC. GOD bless you.

John Glover, Assistant to Professor Henry Gross.

On Tuesday, July 19, 2016 9:32 AM, Dejan Calovski <> wrote:

Dear Mr Gross

Thank you very much for the nearly hour long telephone conversation we just had – I found it useful and enjoyable – a rare combination these days.

Just to recap before a series of apologies I need to make regarding your previous correspondence.

I have seen the websites and links regarding the GAGUT theorem and expect a bit more material from yourself so that I can pass it on to my colleagues in editorial. However, as I said, they are, as is the basic tenet of the BBC, completely independent in their decisions as to what they cover. The World Service is, at its core, an international news broadcasting organisation and our editors are faced with a multitude of newsworthy events yet with limited resources in terms of air-time, staff and finances.  We do our best…as you mentioned yourself the BBC does /is willing to listen in the aim of excellent programming. 

Now, for the apologies…

The first one is for the delay to replying to your original complaint (attached).  We received a number of similar complaints at the time and yours simply slipped through the cracks. This is not an excuse but only an explanation which I hope you can accept. I can only thank you for your understanding and patience.
As to the gist if the complaint it was about an interview we broadcast with a Dr Opeyemi Enoch who claimed that he had solved the Riemann Hypothesis

AS we explained at the time - we are sorry that we made a mistake in repeating the claim that the Riemann Hypothesis problem had been solved and the prize awarded. This was an error and we should have checked the story more thoroughly.

The story had been reported elsewhere and we spoke to the Professor directly who agreed to do an interview and told us he had solved the problem and would be getting the prize.

He did make a presentation about his claimed solution at an international conference in Vienna and the organisers told us that they were taking his paper seriously. It even features on their website

But the Clay Math Institute say the problem remains unsolved, and will not comment about any claims being made.

Once our error became clear we made sure we amended any online postings to reflect the facts that this was just a claim and we also did a follow up interview with an expert in the field about the complexity of the issue and why it was unlikely that is has been solved.

We apologise that we have slipped below the standards expected and the issues raised have been discussed with members of the team.  

Finally, one more thank you for both - your patience and understanding, and our telephone conversation. Please do send along any material that you think might be useful in convincing my colleagues in editorial…as I mentioned, please feel free to use this email address ( for future correspondence so that we eliminate (minimise) the possibility of confusion and delay

Best regards and good weekend,

Dejan Calovski
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Dear Mr Gross

I was the person on the phone just know before the line was disconnected. I will call back in a few minutes if you don’t mind…when I find a more ‘stable’ phone line

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{Complaint:} "My name is Henry Gross and I am the assistant to Professor Gabriel Oyibo who was the original person to solve the maths problem you refer to in tour article. This was reviewed by an expert called Gerry Leversha for the British Mathematical Society. Our journal is called Gagut Unified and Radical Mathematical Research Journal. Volume 1 2010. Professor Michael Atiyah former Master of Trinity College Cambridge. Enrico Bombierri Inst of Advanced Studies Princton also Pierre Deligne from the same body. Gij,j= 0 is the G2j is the solution.
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